D.C. Health Department rejects proposed 24-hour waiting period on tattoos and piercings

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - D.C. residents won't have to worry about waiting to get a tattoo or a piercing now that the D.C. Health Department has rejected a proposal to impose a new 24-hour waiting period on all body art.

The proposal was shot down on Thursday because of "strong public opinion" against the new regulations, according to The Washington Post. Originally drafted last year, the proposed rules were created in the hope that the government could help protect consumers from making decisions about permanent body art that they would later regret.

The Post reports many area tattoo and piercing businesses took issue with the new rules, arguing that they already took precautions to turn away intoxicated customers and protect their clients from such health concerns.

In addition to the waiting period, the draft regulations included making hepatitis B vaccinations mandatory and banning certain piercings and tattoos for those younger than 18.

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