Cotton ball diet criticized by doctors as dangerous

(WJLA) - A new fad diet has people consuming cotton balls, of all things, in an attempt to feel more full.

ABC News reports that the diet, which has been gaining traction on social media sites and on YouTube, involves dipping cotton balls in various liquids, including orange juice or lemonade, and eating them in one sitting.

The concept is that once the cotton balls reach your stomach, they expand and make you feel more full without the associated weight gain.

Needless to say, doctors are vehemently against people taking up this practice.

"It's certainly a misguided practice, and I find it alarming for young girls to be doing this who don't have the information to understand what they are doing to their bodies," Karmyn Eddy, the co-director of an eating disorders clinic at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital, told ABC News.