Chef Huda cooks heart-healthy recipes

You may know her from the hit ABC reality show "The Taste", but off camera Chef Huda is just a D.C. girl who likes to cook. She also likes being an advocate for the American Heart Association.

“I’ve lost family members to it,” said Chef Huda. “Whatever I can do to help someone not have to go through the challenges and tribulations that we've gone through with our family, I will do that.”

Research shows that much of what we eat is a huge contributor to heart health. Pre-packed meats, canned food, some breads – they can be full of salt.

ABC7 is On Your Side - creating a heart-healthy meal for your family with help from Chef Huda.

“It’s all about what you’re adding to your food that makes it unhealthy or healthy,” notes Chef Huda.

• Chef Huda suggests chicken breast and veggie skewers for an appetizer.

• And she says a whole wheat pasta dish made with olive oil, lemon juice and chicken is a great choice for a main course.

• And for dessert, fresh fruit topped with dark chocolate is healthy and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

”If you can make better choices using multigrain pastas, less salt in your diet, reading the back of labels, using more fresh ingredients, you’re on your way to being healthier and leading a happier life,” said Chef Huda. “And your heart will love you for it.”