Chase Autism Away Foundation provides resource on autism

A local mother is fighting for a cure for autism.

In fact, she’s “chasing autism away” for her son, Chase.

At five years old, Chase is a lot like your typical little boy—he’s active, busy, and curious about the world. The only difference: he has autism.

“When we first got the diagnosis I was really crushed, I really thought this was the end. But it's the beginning. It's a new journey,” says his mother Antoinette Lynch.

With the help of family, Lynch took the disorder head-on.

“I really wanted to help him. But, not only him, but other children out there too,” Lynch said.

So, she started the Chase Autism Away Foundation. She says the Chase Autism Away Foundation brings other families who are in denial or don't know where to go once they get that diagnosis. The foundation is here to give them that opportunity to open the doors for their children, Lynch said.

The foundation recently hosted a walk and bike ride to raise money for a sensory clubhouse for special needs children in Prince George’s County.

“This is extremely important. I just don’t think enough people know about how autism and I just don’t think enough people know about autism and we have to make more people aware,” said Chase’s father, Gordon Libby.

For many involved in the Chase Autism Away Foundation, the work is personal and their message is clear.

“We need to prepare our children with Autism for the world, but it’s also important that we prepare the world for them,” said parent volunteer Abila Tazanu-Legall.