Candice Adams to wed Ryan Ismirle

Candice Adams has waited two long years for this.

In that time, there have been moments when she wondered if it would happen at all.

In April, 2010, she and her fiancé Ryan Ismirle got engaged. Six months later, they were devastated when she found a lump. It was a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer. Adams was just 29-years old.

Their wedding was put on hold.

“In a lot of ways it's been a lot more difficult for him,” Adams says. “It's I think easier to be sick and harder to stand beside somebody and watch them spin out of control.”

After a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and a series of reconstructive breast surgeries, Adams is still recovering - but she's feeling happy and healthy.

The wedding is back on, set for Saturday, June 2nd at Union Station. But it was only after finalizing those plans, they realized a few weeks ago that's the same date as the Komen Race for the Cure.

“To me, I feel like I have to do it. there's no other option,” Adams says. “It's just fate I guess it's the same day as my wedding.”

Adams feels most compelled to run because she was physically unable to do so last year with her friend and fellow chemo patient Barb. In January, Barb passed away from breast cancer.

“So this year it's really important for me to go back and run something that I should have been with her last year,” Adams says.

The race will be emotional, exhausting and time-wise, difficult to pull off. But her bridesmaids will help by running with her.

"I think this will kind of ground her and help her just focus on her for a few minutes in the crazy day,” Jennifer Giovannetti says.

All that pink, all those women. They're treating it like a last minute bachelorette party.

Now, as Ryan and Candice make the final lap toward their wedding day, they view her breast cancer as both a burden and a blessing.

“I think we've grown more as a couple in the past year and a half than most couples do in a decade,” Ismirle says.

And when they finally exchange those vows - "in sickness and in health" - they'll feel strength from the past and have faith in their future.

2013 will be a big year for Candice and Ryan. In January, doctors say, it will be safe for them to start a family. And next May, Adams will officially be considered in remission.

“You don't normally start out a marriage with such a serious sickness so for us it kind of makes me feel like there's not a single challenge we couldn't get through or handle,” Adams says.