Bugs used in Dannon strawberry yogurt

What gives some strawberry yogurt its pink color?

If you thought berries, you would you ever be wrong. It's bugs!

Cochineal insects are valued for their vibrant red color when crushed turns a red dye used in food coloring.

Last year, Starbucks said it would stop using the bug dye in products like its Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino.

And now, the Center for Science in the Public Interest says Dannon should get it out of its yogurts.

They say Dannon is being deceptive and the group says dozens of consumers have complained that the bug coloring, called carmine, has caused vomiting, hives, and swelling.

In a statement, Dannon said: "Carmine is a safe, FDA approved, vivid red color that many food makers use, including Dannon in some of our products, because it delivers the best color throughout shelf life of the product."

And Dannon says if consumers want to avoid it, they can just look at the label. It'll say "carmine."

It won't say "bugs."

This story is written and reported by CNN.