Breast cancer research could prevent the disease

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Inch by inch, day by day, Jacqui Jeras is reclaiming her life. Since her preventive double mastectomy on Sep. 4, the Good Morning Washington meteorologist has shared her story.

Jacqui's mother, grandmother, aunts and her sister have all battled breast cancer. Though Jacqui did not have the BRCA gene mutation, there is a simple saliva test for it. It takes just two weeks to get the results.

Some are looking beyond earlier detection and better treatment to actually preventing breast cancer.

"We're talking about a vaccine that would influence your immune system to attack whatever is happening in your body that could lead to breast cancer," explained Fran Visco, National Breast Cancer Coalition President.

The vaccine is still years away, but there's hope for the future and Jacqui's 12-year-old daughter.

"I hope she never has to even think about it," said Jeras. "I hope that by that time something will have been found to help prevent it."

Meanwhile, Jeras is back to running, biking and her morning shift on Good Morning Washington.