Breast cancer risk up for women that work late nights

Needing an extra cup of joe may not be the only result of a late night at the office.

A new study conducted by French research organization INSERM, suggests late night work may fuel the risk of developing breast cancer, according to an article published in the International Journal of Cancer.

Results of the study support the possibility of a link between the disruption of the circadian rhythm (which regulates sleep patterns) and breast cancer.

The study looked at a group of 1,232 breast cancer cases—of the cases studied, 13 percent had at some point worked on a night shift.

These late shifts may increase a woman’s risk of cancer by 30 percent, AFP reports. The director of INSERM explained to AFP “a smoker was eight times as likely to contract lung disease as a woman working night shifts was to get breast cancer.”

The study took place in France between 2005 and 2008, according to the International Journal of Cancer.