Breast Cancer Awareness: Jacqui Jeras talks about life after surgery

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Just one day after her preventive double mastectomy, Good Morning Washington meteorologist Jacqui Jeras leaves the hospital with her husband Mike.

"I just want women to know this isn't for everybody," said Jeras. "But it is an option that is available."

It's an option that was covered by her insurance.

A week later, Jacqui meets with her surgeon, Dr. Costanza Cocilovo. Doctors didn't find cancer, but a small tumor was removed. If left alone, it had a 15 percent chance of becoming cancerous.

"That makes me feel better about doing what I did," explained Jeras. "Confirms the risk was definitely there."

Five days later, plastic surgeon Maurice Nahabedian is reconstructing Jacqui's breasts, each week injecting saline into temporary expanders under her skin. Eventually they'll be replaced with silicone implants.

Dr. Nahabedian says Jacqui will be finished with her operations and recovery by the end of the year. And he says she'll ultimately be able to resume her active lifestyle without the gnawing fear of breast cancer.