Breakfast doesn't help with weight loss, researchers say

Skipping the morning meal may not be as disastrous to your weight loss goals as previously thought. Photo: Jay Westcott

For so long, it has been a widely held belief that including a balanced, regular breakfast in your diet would help you control weight gain.

There's one problem though - it's not necessarily true, researchers say.

A report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that skipping breakfast has little to no effect on weight gain or loss at all.

Instead, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham point to a 1992 Vanderbilt University study which concluded that adjusting overall eating habits was still the best way to lose weight. The study's authors say that people do equally well with weight loss whether or not they eat breakfast.

The UAB researchers say that the findings of the Vanderbilt study have long been drowned out by anecdotal, observational studies that have found loose associations between breakfast and obesity, but no conclusive link.