Boy Scouts ban obese members from National Scouts Jamboree

Photo: RDECom/Flickr

The Boy Scouts of America are under fire once again for a controversial rule that some are perceiving as discriminatory, and this one has nothing to do with gay rights.

According to CNN, participants at this year's annual National Scouts Jamboree had to had a body-mass index of less than 40 to be involved.

In short, the Boy Scouts were telling some members that they were too obese to participate in the Jamboree. A Boy Scouts spokesman, though, says the policy isn't meant to keep anyone out.

"We offer thousands of summer camp experiences that do not have this requirement," spokesman Deron Smith told CNN.

One organization, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, says the policy is biased and promotes discrimination against the overweight.

"Weight does not equal health," NAAFA said in a statement. "Hate is not good for young men's health."