BB cremes: What are they and what do they do?

Photo: Shawn Campbell via Flickr

(WJLA) - Chances are you’ve probably heard about BB cremes or seen them in stores. But what do they all do?{ }

Popular in Korea, the creme craze hit the U.S.

“Everyone is using BB cremes,” says Dr. Howard Brooks, a dermatologist. “A lot of my patients are using it for foundation or SPFs.”

BB stands for “blemish balm.” The new trend takes it another step with CC and DD cremes. CC stands for “color control,” or “color-correcting creme.” Then there’s DD cremes, the "dynamic do-all."

Megan Lassiter tried four random BB cremes that cost $13 and up.

“I mean, it’s overwhelming,” Megan Lassiter says. “… you don’t know which brand is better, what ingredients are in it.”

But doctors warn to read the fine print because not all BB cremes come with SPF protection.

“Most people aren’t using it properly, so you have to use enough, use at least a capful to get that SPF on there," says Dr. Brooks.

And just because the creme contains SPF 15, it doesn’t mean you’re really covered from the sun.

“I would say use an SPF 30 separately to make sure you’re getting adequate coverage,” Dr. Brooks says.