Bald Mona Lisa ads promote cancer awareness in Italy

The foundation produced a bald Mona Lisa depiction to raise cancer awareness. Photo: ANT Foundation

(WJLA) - An Italian ad campaign promoting cancer awareness is turning heads toward one of the most iconic paintings in history.

The advertisements, which are being created by the ANT Foundation in Italy, depict the familiar Mona Lisa, but this time, without hair.

According to ANT's website, the campaign's theme centers around the idea that cancer "changes your life, (but) not its value." It presents the bald Mona Lisa as, in their words, an emblem of the "upheaval that cancer brings with it" and the enormity of its impact on people.

The organization says that they hope that by altering such a familiar face, people will reflect on just how much cancer can impact your life physically, but that a cancer patient's life loses "nothing of its value and of its uniqueness."

The ads will run throughout Italy over the next few months.