At 102, Ray Clark hits the gym

After 102 years, Ray Clark has a lot of stories. Some of the best ones are about his wife.

She was the love of his life, the prettiest girl on Long Island.

“I looked into these two beautiful blue eyes … and we married about a year later,” he says.

So when she passed away six years ago, followed shortly by their daughter. Ray says it was an unfathomable loss.

Now, he's taking his health into his own hands. He started working out three years ago, at 99.

Ray has the help of Thom Hunter. Believe it or not, he's 70.

They hit the gym for 30 minutes a week rowing, using weight machines and working on his agility.

Ray can't walk 10 feet through the gym without inspiring someone. But after 67 years of marriage, it's still his wife he wants to impress.

“I have her picture up there. And I say, you proud of me hon?” he says.