Aspirin reduces cancer risk by almost 25 percent, study says

Aspirin has long been recommended for people to prevent heart attacs. (Photo: Flickr/brx0)

A pair of studies published in a British medical journal says that taking a dose of aspirin daily may greatly reduce your cancer risk.

The New York Times reports that medical researchers at Oxford, during a three-year study involving men and women, participants who took aspirin every day had their risk of developing cancer reduced by nearly 25 percent.

Another study pegged the reduced risk of metastatic cancer even higher.

The studies, which were published in The Lancet, also say that aspirin could also stop the spreading of tumors in people who are already suffering from cancer.

Aspirin therapy has long been recommended for people who are at risk for suffering heart attacks due to its propensity to thin the blood and preventing blood clots from forming, according to the American Heart Association.

The Mayo Clinic warns, though, that aspirin therapy can cause gastrointestinal bleeding in some and isn't recommended for everybody.