Allergy season gets longer, more intense

Heading into what could be the worst allergy season ever, a growing consensus among researchers says allergy seasons are getting longer and more intense.

And while the cherry blossoms are one of the welcome signs that winter is over, those with allergies know they also mark the start of a season of suffering.

Some of the researchers predict the pollen count will more than double by 2040.

"We see a very early allergy season," says Dr. Talal Nsouli, an allergist. "Spring season starts two, three, four weeks earlier and then we have a delayed season with the fall with the ragweed that stays longer."

Nsouli expects the new normal to be longer, more intense allergy seasons in the years ahead.

A few things that can help: keep your windows closed when the pollen count climbs, run and exercise inside or in the evenings when pollen counts are traditionally lower, shower before bed so you get any pollen out of your hair and if you're really suffering see an expert.