Alison Starling's baby: DNA ancestry test 23andME

(Photo: Erick Gibson)

With just two months to go before Alison Starling’s little girl arrives, she and her husband decided to explore their ancestry with a DNA test.

“It's very clear from DNA from the two of you, both trace ancestry to Europe,” explained Joanna Mountain, Senior Director of Research for 23andMe. “But two very different parts of Europe.”

Starling’s ancestry is clearly northern European, particularly Britain and Ireland. Her husband’s, Peter, are Ashkenazic Jews from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Joanna Mountain is Senior Director of Research for 23andMe, a health and ancestry DNA service. She examined Starling and her husband’s DNA reports to try and predict some fun facts about their baby. For instance, their little girl has a 40-percent chance of having blue eyes.

“You Alison, are the one whose DNA will determine whether the baby has blue or brown eyes,” said Mountain.

Another surprising aspect to the test, you can find out if you have any celebrity relatives. It turns out that celebrity chef Mario Batalli and Starling share a common genetic line. And her husband is related to his colleague, Matt Lauer on their father’s side.