Affordable Care Act: Enrollment deadline delay debated

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It was like lining up for a verbal firing squad, and Republicans especially were somewhat trigger-happy.

"I am more nervous today than I was when I got here. I am shocked, shocked," emphasized Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers.

Democrats, on the other hand, were defensive.

"So once again, here we have my Republican colleagues, trying to scare everyone ... I will not yield to this monkey court or whatever this is! I am not yielding!" said New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone.

The website contractors admitted there were multiple flaws and relayed them to the government agency overseeing – but they didn’t recommend any sort of delay.

"We did fully talk about the risks we saw and we passed them all along the way," explained Executive VP of Optum QSSI, Andrew Slavitt.

"We were there to support our client, it was not our position to tell our client whether they should go live or not go live," added Sr. VP of CGI Federal, Cheryl Campbell.{ }

It seemed there was too much of a rush to launch the site on October 1, despite a crash of the system when only a few hundred tried to log on during testing. But those tests took place in late September, which was much later than contractors would have liked.

And Republicans seized on this discovery: deep in the technological weeds, a disclaimer that there should be no expectation of privacy regarding some data of those enrolling.