'Sexting' growing at alarming rate with teenagers, study shows

An alarming number of teenagers are “sexting”—or texting nude photos of themselves to others, a study showed.

Over a quarter of teens—31 percent to be exact—have sexted, according to the July issue of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. The study looked at 948 American public high school students—28 percent reported having sent a naked picture of themselves through text or e-mail and 31 percent reported having asked someone for a sext.

The study found that “teen sexting is prevalent and potentially indicative of teens' sexual behaviors.”

The survey participants were 14 to 19 years old and 55.9 percent{ }were female. Both males and females admitted to sexting equally, but, girls reporting receiving more requests for nude photos.

“Teen-focused health care providers should consider screening for sexting behaviors to provide age-specific education about the potential consequences of sexting and as a mechanism for discussing sexual behaviors,” the study said.