"Happily Hungry", a cookbook for kids with cancer

A new cookbook is helping young cancer patients. It’s called “Happily Hungry: Smart Recipes for Kids with Cancer”. It was written by Danielle Cook Navidi whose son was diagnosed with Hodgkin Disease nine years ago.

"When she was watching me go through treatment, I'm sure all she was thinking is - I wish I could do this for him,” said Fabien Navidi-Kasmia. “Because she couldn't, she found the best way that she could help me."

The book includes recipes like the Purple Power Smoothie, which provides the protein and nutrients that kids often lose during chemotherapy. Navidi actually went back to school to study nutrition so that she could write the healthiest recipes possible. Thursday, she shared “Happily Hungry” and a few treats with kids at Medstar Georgetown University.

As for her son Fabien, he’s now a healthy college student who still eats the food that kept him strong while fighting cancer.

Navidi says, "He is living proof that you can come back."

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