Obamacare scams: 700 sites exist mimicking

      (WJLA) - At least 700 sites mimicking, the government's new Affordable Car Act web portal, have sprung up in attempt to scam people who are shopping for insurance, an expert tells NextGov.

      What more, the government doesn't quite know just how much money scammers are taking from unsuspecting people who are trying to sign up for health care under President Barack Obama's initiative.

      "The real fraud is so-called fake exchanges," Mark Rasch, the former head of the Department of Justice's computer crime unit, told NextGov. "(They're) entities that set up what appear to be exchanges, but are not, with a link to provide your personal data and/or payment."

      NextGov says that tracking health care scams as they relate to the ACA isn't something that the Obama administration tracks.

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