Kathleen Sebelius apologizes for Obamacare rollout

      WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It's the mea culpa, many, especially critics, were waiting to hear: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius taking a verbal beating over the failed website, which, at the very moment she was testifying, wasn’t working.

      And opponents tried to make her long for the days she was governor of Kansas.

      “Well madam secretary, while you're from Kansas, we're not in Kansas anymore, it would appear we're in Oz considering the world we're in right now,” says Texas Rep. Joe Barton.

      But Sebelius pushed back as well.

      "Frankly, I think it's not valuable at this point to do a lot of pointing blame, fixing the blame,” Sebelius says. “What I want to do is fix the problem."

      Sebelius said the site is improving. Whereas filtering plans used to take minutes, it now takes seconds. The databases have been strengthened and the site can handle 17,000 accounts an hour.

      But some are still concerned about cancelation notices they're getting from current providers, which goes directly against what the president promised.

      "I'd call this a red herring that misled voters intentional or not," says Georgia representative Phil Gingrey. “Seem to be directly refuted by the millions of cancellation notices already sent to Americans.”