News Never Stops During Summer Doldrums

      Although we’re in the midst of the Dogs Days of Summer, news in the business of government has not stopped. There are several stories worth keeping an eye on.

      All the major media outlets that cover government carried the story that Congressman John Boehner and Senator Harry Reid were able to reach a six month funding agreement which will avoid a shut down.

      Another very important story is focusing on the Lieberman-Collins Cyber Security Bill. Federal Computer Week reports that the bill’s 70 plus addendums includes one that enforces the Data Center Consolidation Initiative.

      Also relating to the topic of budgets, FCW also has an interesting story on how OMB is prepping agencies for the ever-looming sequestration which Congress has yet to resolve.

      Finally, the recent edition of What’s Brewin running on and written by my friend Bob Brewin, is a must-read. It deals will the importance of …parking lot attendants. Who would even question their importance?

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      I’m Steve Vito of UpsonVito.

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