Naval Academy sexual assault suspects face Article 32 hearing

      The military equivalent of a preliminary hearing will be held in connection to the alleged sexual assault of a female Naval Academy student by three Midshipmen football players, Navy Times reports.

      The report says that three Navy players will face an Article 32 hearing in connection with the April 2012 incident, during which the woman says she was assaulted after passing out at a house during a party.

      Military sources told ABC7 that an investigation into the alleged assault started more than a year ago, but stalled when the victim decided not to proceed with charges. However, she later changed her mind, restarting the process. A Naval Academy spokesman said that the school's leadership was monitoring the case closely and "evaluating appropriate actions."

      The victim's attorney told Navy Times that she only found out about the assault after reading the players' claims of sexual intercourse with her on social media sites.