Military veterans changing resumes to transition into civilian jobs

      While companies and businesses nationwide are vowing to hire veterans, those who have served the Unites States and are returning to civilian live are constantly being hamstrung not because of a lack of skills, but by a cogent way to explain them.

      A report in Stars & Stripes says that one of the main things holding veterans back are their resumes.

      Resumes prepared for jobs in the civilian workforce and those more apt for government or military jobs are vastly different in their construction and wording, Stars & Stripes says. Resumes for the latter are often studded with information that is either irrelevant to companies looking to hire, or they simply use language that hiring managers don't understand.

      "Veterans resumes are often too wordy and don't explain really what their skills are," Eric Schelling, an executive with The Home Depot, tells Stars & Stripes. "We see things like overseas ribbons and military certification classes and we know it's probably impressive.

      "But on the civilian side, we don't really know what any of that is."