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      Government shutdown 2013: Federal workers must pay back unemployment benefits

      (WJLA) - In the first days of the government shutdown, thousands of federal workers in the D.C. area filed for unemployment benefits. Now that it's over, it's payback time.

      Federal workers who applied for and received unemployment during the shutdown must now pay any benefits they received back, WTOP's Andrew Mollenbeck reports.

      WTOP says that about 1,700 District of Columbia residents received unemployment benefits while they were furloughed during the 16-day federal shutdown. The highest payment to any of them was $359, which is the highest amount allowed under law.

      In total, those residents who received benefits will have about two months to pay back an aggregate of about $500,000 in unemployment.

      Nearly 26,000 furloughed feds filed for unemployment in the District and Maryland in the early days of the shutdown, which officially ended early Thursday morning.

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