Government Matters - July 20, 2014

      On this week's edition of Government Matters:

      -U.S. contractors are paying close attention to the emerging space tourism industry. Britain wants to a open a spaceport within the next four years. Lockheed Martin opened an office in the country last week. We have an in-depth report on the spaceport race.

      -The term botnet can strike fear into the heart of any system administrator. It's a group of computers linked together for all the wrong reasons. Hatzel Vela explains.

      -The Office of Personnel Management works to recruit and retain more than 2.7 million federal workers. They also cover 2.5 million retirees and annuitants. Director Katherine Archuleta was sworn in on November 4th, 2013. In her first sit-down TV interview at the helm, Archuleta discussed tech, security, and management with Government Matters.