Federal Hot Minute Sept. 4, 2012

      You’ve heard the old saying, all politics is local. Well, what could be more local than your pocketbook? If you’re in the business of government, take a look at which candidate best serves your interests as you vote in November.

      When Tip O’Neill coined that phrase, he was reminding political candidates that voters are most interested in where candidates stand on the everyday issues… issues that impact them directly. That same logic can apply to you in the business of government.

      You might want to read the Republican National Committee platform that Politico recently posted. Both Government Executive and Federal Times highlighted the portion of this draft most relative to government operations.

      If you’re a small business, take a look at the Associated Press’ interesting comparison of the presidential candidates’ positions on small business contracting.

      Finally, when evaluating more local candidates, take a look if they serve on a congressional committee important to your business and how they may have voted on that committee.

      As always, links to articles in this segment can be found on I’m Steve Vito of UpsonVito.

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      Where the presidential candidates stand on helping small businesses win more federal contracts –Associated Press

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