Federal Hot Minute Oct, 22, 2012

      Training of the government and contractor workforces for the ever-evolving cyber world was prominent in the media recently.

      Spurred on by OMB's proclamation of making October the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, DHS's Advisory Council's on Cyber Skills issued 11 tips of building a better prepared workforce. As reported in, the recommendations included creating a dedicated cybersecurity career path, and improving opportunities for veterans.

      Federal News Radio reports that the relatively new Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, developed by 20 different agencies, is having a significant impact on defining and training a better prepared cybersecurity workforce in government.

      And the Wall Street Journal reports on what Raytheon - one of the largest contractors to the US Government - is doing to prepare its own workforce in cybersecurity.

      Finally, new research sponsored by Unisys Corporation puts statistics to the public sector's workforce usage of smartphones and tablets for business use; and the concerns these users have about security.

      Please go to for links to stories mentioned. I'm Steve Vito of UpsonVito.

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