Federal Hot Minute Oct. 2, 2012

      With both financial and human resources stretched thin within federal agencies, improving performance has emerged as a primary management initiative of the Obama administration.

      In 2009, the president appointed Jeff Zients as Chief Performance Officer – a new position in government.

      In 2010, an updated version of the almost 20 year old Government Performance and Results Act was signed. And one year after that, the website – designed to be the one stop report card on agencies’ performances – went live.

      A blog worth checking out on the topic of public sector performance is Make Government Better which is put out by Patrick Chapman author of Getting Things Done In Government.

      And Federal New Radio has a section that reports news on the government’s Performance Improvement Council.

      In many cases, improving performance could not happen without targeted investments in workforce training and better information systems. Let’s hope these investments survive budgets cuts.

      As always, please go to for links mentioned to this commentary. I’m Steve Vito of UpsonVito.

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