Federal Hot Minute Nov. 5, 2012

      In the interconnected high tech world we live in, so many of our government’s missions require multi-jurisdictional cooperation. That is, our federal government must coordinate their efforts with governments on the state/local and international levels as well as with private industry.

      So it must have been welcomed news – although not surprising – that the Canadian government has decided to dramatically increase their spending in cyber security. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, on October 18th, the Canadian government will “more than double spending on defense against cyber attacks”.

      No doubt this increase is in response to that country’s Auditor General’s report stating that Canada is not keeping pace with the cyber threats. The report said that despite the heavy investment made over the past 10 years, Canada is not adequately prepared for a cyber attack. …which of course, has significant implications for the many systems the United States has intertwined with Canada.

      Cyber crime does not respect geographical boundaries. It is good news Canada seems to be taking action which will protect their networks and by extension, ours.

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