Federal Hot Minute Nov. 12, 2012

      Good deeds don’t often make compelling headlines. Call me a naïve optimist, but I’d like to think that’s because as a society, our good deeds are more common and less exceptional - less newsworthy - than our shortcomings.

      Yet, the many good things performed by people and companies in the business of government deserve some recognition.

      For example, I just returned from a remarkable golf tournament supporting ThanksUSA, a non-profit which awards education scholarships to the families of our soldiers. Intelligent Decisions – a technology contractor to government – was the organizer and title sponsor.

      MicroTech, an 8(a) technology contractor that often supports military charities, has an interesting effort promoting men’s health called “Movember”!

      Let’s not forget the government industry groups such as the Bethesda Chapter of AFCEA which last year raised over $800,000 for the Children’s Inn at NIH.

      There are far too many examples to mention here.

      So the next time you read a headline about some egregious act in the government business, please remember there are far more instances – that may not be newsworthy – of this community performing remarkable acts of charity.

      I’m Steve Vito.

      Thanks USA

      Intelligent Decisions


      AFCEA – Bethesda Chapter