Federal Hot Minute July 8, 2012

      Welcome to this edition of the Federal Hot Minute. I’m Steve Vito of UpsonVito.

      Since their introduction not that long ago, the mobile handheld telephone has evolved to become an increasingly important business tool.

      Yet along with the many benefits of mobile technologies, challenges for IT executives have emerged - especially in the U.S. government where the IT systems are large, complex and the data they hold is so vital to national security.

      These challenges are most vexing in the area of protecting data and privacy.

      Our government IT leaders are responding. Federal CIO, Steven VanRoekel, recently released a roadmap on the government’s digital strategy. In addition, several groups within government have been formed to promote guidelines and standards that will help agencies more easily develop applications as they cope with security.

      The avalanche of mobile devices will continue. Making sure the policies governing them is paramount to their successful implementation.

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