Federal Hot Minute July 1, 2012

      Welcome to this edition of the Federal Hot Minute. I’m Steve Vito from UpsonVito.

      We’ve all heard about the economic challenges facing Europe. But, how will their economic problems impact the investments these countries need to make in their government technology infrastructure?

      The answer to this question and others were revealed in a new study from The Ponemon Institute which surveyed senior IT public sector executives from the UK, Germany, France, Benelux countries and Italy. My company, UpsonVito, commissioned this study.

      Cloud computing and mobility products will consume a larger portion of their IT budgets. Cyber security and data center consolidation were next – especially in the UK and Germany.

      These countries would like to see more collaboration with the United States to thwart cyber security threats with the UK, Germany and Benelux countries having a strong sentiment that a successful cyber attack will occur on a critical government or commercial operation in the next 24 months.

      To view these and other highlights from this study, please go to