Dismounted Soldier: Virtual combat training system created for U.S. armed forces

      A virtual combat training system developed by a company in Ashburn, Va. will soon be used in at least 100 Army bases worldwide.

      They are, in essence, video games, designed to prepare soldiers for combat, and the first ever virtual combat training system of its kind.

      It looks like a regular video game, but for current and former Marines testing it out, it feels like a matter of life or death.

      The simulation, dubbed Dismounted Soldier, is the first ever fully immersive, 3-D virtual training system, and it's transforming the way service members learn how to conduct missions.

      It's all based off of popular games, like Call of Duty, but with more capabilities

      Clarence Pape, with Intelligent Decisions, used his experience as a former Marine to help develop Dismounted Soldier. He says this virtual war zone is not meant to replace field training, but enhance it.

      By land, sea or air, soldiers wearing helmet-mounted displays train through limitless scenarios and interact with their fellow service members, working together to accomplish the mission.

      Sensors that record motions, like throwing a grenade, connect the virtual with the real world.

      "It brings you back into hand-eye coordination to perform on the battlefield," says Marcus Meyer.

      He says the virtual battlefield is not unlike what he experienced during his deployment in Iraq. And he says having this type of combat training would have prepared him even more.

      ABC7's Pamela Brown reports from Quantico Marine Base.