D.C. sequestration rally on U.S. Capitol

      They came from across the D.C. metro area and the country: Government employees united to denounce mandatory federal spending cuts, sequestration.

      Some workers are afraid sequestration will cut into their livelihood. If it kicks in in March, there will be $110 billion slashed annually from federal government spending.

      “The federal government needs to look out for federal government employees you know we are tired of the cuts they are giving and we are tired of what they are doing to federal employees to balance the budget on their back,” says Joseph Jones, a rally organizer.

      They dodged the budget knife in January. A temporary agreement right after the new year delayed the spending cuts. But that agreement expires in just days.

      Some workers want Congress and the president to come up with a long term deal which protects federal workers and programs.

      “Sequestration to me will mean just downgrades furloughs it could mean a lot of things,” says Yolanda Conner, a federal employee.

      Conner says she is most worried about those at the bottom of the pay scale.

      The fate of sequestration is unknown. The economic impact is less in doubt. Some predict sequestration will put a drag on the economy, slow the recovery and pull Wall Street down.