Capitol Hill post offices to close by end of August

      Three post offices on Capitol Hill are not making enough money or seeing enough volume to remain sustainable, so the United States Postal Service is aiming to close them by the end of the summer.

      Federal News Radio reports that the closure of three Capitol Hill post offices will save the cash-poor USPS $2 million over the next decade.

      The charge to lead the closures was led by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who told Federal News Radio that the moves are symbolic for helping the USPS return to financial stability.

      "The cost savings from these consolidations are a small but symbolically important step in restoring USPS to long-term financial solvency," Issa said.

      The USPS has tried a variety of things to help cut costs. One of those included a failed attempt to stop Saturday mail service nationwide.