Zombies capturing popular culture

They're a hit on cable television and a favorite on the big screen. But brain hungry zombies walking the streets of Silver Spring?

It’s a huge trend happening nationwide: Hundreds of walking dead coming out for a zombie walk.

Eduardo Sanchez wrote the hit movie The Blair Witch Project and says zombies are most certainly rising-up in popularity.

“It’s become part of the pop culture, now you can reference it and people immediately get it, and its hip.” He says.

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Zombies indeed seem everywhere. One person has created a zombie-proof home, complete with a draw bridge. The house also allows itself to be wrapped in a concrete shell.

Zombies are even part of the 99 percent. They are showing up at Occupy protests.

This doesn't surprise one “zombie expert.”

“Modern zombies are all about corrupt governments or corrupt corporations create a virus and it unleashes on a humanity and that feeling zombies are kind of the victims of this,” the expert says.

Even the Centers for Disease Control is embracing the undead, posting a zombie apocalypse preparedness guide.

But why zombie and not vampire preparedness? Could it be the zombie is the every-man, the John-Q-Public of the super natural?

Officially the CDC did their zombie preparedness guide as a fun way of getting people to think about getting ready for any real emergency. But you never know.