Zombies and poetry make quite the strange match

Photo: Scott Garfield/AMC

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon look at all things pop-culture finds dead news, new news, other news, and the mystery music video.

DEAD: Or Ted. Or Ned. Or. . .OK, per the New York Times, “The work of more than 50 zombie poets has been collected in “Aim for the Head,” recently issued by Write Bloody Publishing and edited by Rob Sturma, also known as Ratpack Slim. As poetic material, brain-hungry humanoids offer unusual possibilities.”

STRANGE BREW: After being rushed to the hospital yesterday following a reported potentially dangerous mix of prescription meds and alcohol, actress Heather Locklear remains in ICU in stable condition, and TMZ says her family wants her in rehab. “Sources directly connected with Heather's family tell TMZ ... yesterday was not an isolated incident. Heather has been struggling with prescription drugs for a long time. In fact, sources say Heather checked in to an L.A. area rehab facility last October and stayed 2 weeks.”

ENGAGED IN SILLY SPECULATION: The lovely Halle Berry may or not be engaged, per People, “. . .A source close to the actress tells PEOPLE that Berry said just last week that she is not engaged – even after she was spotted wearing the new emerald and diamond ring.”

GOLDEN GERVAIS: Despite his penchant for pushing the envelope, Ricky Gervais is headed back to familiar ground, per the AP, “Getting ready to host the Golden Globes again, Ricky Gervais says he'd rather get laughs than gasps - but he cherishes the gasps, too.”

NOT SO CURRENT: If Keith Olbermann isn’t in the mix, Current may be Past, per the Los Angeles Times, “The channel owned by Current Media Inc., founded by former Vice President Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, is trying to build its distribution from beyond the approximately 60 million homes in which is now available. Having Olbermann is part of that strategy.”

THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG: Of Khloe Kardashian and the breathless gossip about her supposedly “real” father. One possibility, per Radar, “He is renowned Hollywood animator Todd Waterman, who told Star in an exclusive interview that he and Kris shared an "intense affair."

CAT FIGHT: Yeah, yeah, it’s a sexist phrase but. . .Cat Fight, this one between Gaga and Madonna, per E!, “While Gaga has called the Queen of Pop a huge inspiration, it's clear in Madonna's mind at any rate that the influence has extended uncomfortably down to chord structures.”

NOT SO TRUE-BLUE: Katy Perry now has blue hair, per Us Weekly.

OBIT: And an especially sad one, because he was in the fraternity, per the AP, “ABC News says veteran news correspondent Richard Threlkeld has been killed in a car accident. The 74-year-old Threlkeld died Friday morning in Amagansett, N.Y., and was pronounced dead at Southampton Hospital. He lived nearby in East Hampton.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)