4 STARS

      Argo (R) - Ben Affleck's true life CIA comedy/thriller is solid

      End of Watch (R) - Stunning police drama. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as LA patrolmen who run afoul of Mexican drug cartel

      3 1/2 STARS

      Seven Psychopaths (R) - Hilarious, violent comedy with all-star cast -- all in the service of Christopher Walken

      Looper - A sci-fi hit man goes back in time to put a hit on himself

      Sleepwalk With Me - Comic Mike Birbiglia can't commit and can't sleep either as he explains in this personal and personable comedy

      The Master (R) - epic story of religious leader Philip Seymour Hoffman and lost soul Joaquin Phoenix

      3 STARS

      Frankenweenie - Tim Burton's black and white stop action animated tribute to Frankenstein -- a boy re-animates his dead dog.{ } Not exactly a kiddie movie

      The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Sweet story of high school kids coming of age in the 1990s

      Arbitrage (R) - Richard Gere plays a Wall Street icon covering up his losses and more

      2 1/2 STARS

      Cloud Atlas

      PItch Perfect - Anna Kendrick joins the choir in college satire of Glee

      Trouble With the Curve - Clint Eastwood as crusty baseball scout -- Amy Adams as spunky daughter -- Justin Timberlake for eye candy

      2 STARS

      Alex Cross

      Here Comes the Boom - High school teacher, Kevin James, turns to kickboxing to save Henry Winkler's music program. Some laffs

      1 STAR

      Taken 2 - You'll be the one taken if you fall for this weak sequel