67 / 58
      70 / 55
      74 / 58


      3 1/2 STARS The Dark Knight Rises - Batman's grand finale rises to the occasion

      The Campaign - Sharp yet hilarious satire on American politics

      The Queen of Versailles - Jaw dropping documentary of the fall of a mega wealthy family

      Ruby Sparks - Writer dreams up the girl of his dreams who turns into the girl of his nightmares{}

      Moonrise Kingdom - Director Wes Anderson's latest quirky project - a story about preteen love set in 1965 - a playful delight

      3 STARS

      Hope Springs - Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones try to regain intimacy in their marriage

      Killer Joe (NC-17) - Jaw dropping film noir but not the well deserved NC-17 rating{}

      Beasts of the Southern Wild - Wild child fable in the Louisiana bayou

      To Rome with Love - Woody Allen visits Italy and weaves together several funny love stories

      2 1/2 STARS

      Lawless (R)

      Hit and Run (R) - Energetic chase action comedy with Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell and a bunch of others

      2 STARS{}

      Premium Rush - Joseph Gordon Levitt as a bicycle messenger.{} Chase movie with no surprises

      The Bourne Legacy - Oh, another one

      Total Recall (R) - Remake of 90's sci-fi thriller feels the same{}

      1 STAR

      Celeste and Jess Forever (R) - Immature indie romance