YOUR WEEKEND GUIDE 1/24/13

      4 STARS

      Lincoln - Daniel Day-Lewis fascinates in the final months of the civil war as he pushes to pas the 13th amendment outlawing slavery

      Zero Dark Thirty (R) - Based on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden

      Argo (R) - Ben Affleck's true life CIA comedy/thriller is solid

      3 1/2 STARS{ }

      Quartet - Maggie Smith moves into a home for retired musicians.{ } Downton Abbey with music

      Silver Linings Playbook (R) - Quirky romance with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

      LIfe of Pi - Beautiful story of survival told as fable/allegory

      3 STARS{ }

      Amour - An elderly couple copes with age ( in French subtitles)

      Les Miserables - The musical done up big screen style

      Rust and Bone (R) - Tough guy and crippled Orca trainer bond. Marion Cotillard. (In French)

      Beasts of the Southern Wild - Creative tale of a little girl and the bayou

      2 1/2 STARS

      Gangster Squad - Gansters in LA in 1949 -- look great, great cast, thin script

      Hyde Park on Hudson (R) - Bill Murray as Franklin Roosevelt juggling girlfriends while the King and Queen visit in 1939

      The Hobbit - Story before the story of Lord of the Rings

      Django Unchained (R) - Jamie Foxx in violent Tarantino extravaganza - "Ouch" factor high after Sandy Hook

      2 STARS{ }

      The Last Stand - Druglord tries to outrun Arnold Schwarzenegger in a rocket powered Corvette.{ }

      Broken City - Mark Walhberg puts New York City Major Russell Crowe away
      Promised Land - Matt Damon talks farmers into selling their land's mineral rights

      Jack Reacher - Tom Cruise action hero - long and violent

      1 STAR{ }

      The Impossible - Family on vacation survives tsumani


      A Haunted House - Marlon Wayans makes fun of paranormal found footage horror movies and fails

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