Whitney Houston's death leaves fans, friends saddened

Whitney Houston’s death has left celebrities and fans shocked and saddened. As emotions pour out over social media, most are lamenting the tragic loss of true talent.

To those who admired Houston from afar, it's the loss of an icon.

"I actually saw it on Twitter," said fan Lakeisha Denney. "I thought she was a great person. She had a lot of negative feedback for a lot of things going on, but everyone is still a person."

To those who knew her well, it's the loss of a close friend.

Singer Mariah Carey tweeted: "Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms.Whitney Houston. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices ever to grace the earth."

Tom Hanks said, "Music heals, things go on. But without a doubt we've lost a magnificent talent."

And Gladys Knight said, "I'm sad. We've lost a great, great, great voice."

Many local fans are lamenting as well.

"I thought she was an extremely talented and beautiful woman and I'm so sad and surprised to hear about this," said fan Debbie Kramer.

Ted Morton, who says he wasn’t a fan but remembers her impact, said, "I think the one thing I'll remember was her singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. It was sort of one of those spine chilling moments."