Where The Wild Things Are celebrates 50th anniversary

Where The Wild Things Are was originally published in November of 1963. Photo: Harper-Collins

(WJLA) - One of the most widely ready children's books is celebrating its golden anniversary on Saturday, and a wild rumpus it will be at bookstores nationwide.

USA Today reports that a number of booksellers across the United States will hold celebrations on Saturday to mark 50 years since Maurice Sendak's classic picture book, Where The Wild Things Are, was first published.

The book was originally panned by many critics and even banned due to its depiction of a child's anger and "frightening" scenes, but it quickly came to be a favorite among schoolchildren.

Since its release, more than 20 million copies of Where The Wild Things Are have been sold worldwide. The book experienced a resurgence in popularity in 2009 when it was adapted into a major motion picture.

Sendak's story is simple - a boy, Max, talks back to his mother and is sent to his room, where he loses himself into an imaginary forest that's roamed by monstrous creatures. However, he soon longs for home - "He smelled good things to eat, so he gave up being king of where the wild things are," Sendak wrote - and returns to reality.

A Polish immigrant, Sendak passed away in 2012.