Base jumpers leap from New River Gorge Bridge

Dare devils were base jumping 876 feet from New River Gorge Bridge to the river below on Saturday in West Va

The adventurists were jumping in honor of Bridge Day, one of the largest BASE jumping events int he world.

BASE stands for four types of fixed objects that are used for foot-launched skydives: (B)uilding, (A)ntenna, (S)pan, (E)arth.)

What began in the 1980s as a small festival allowing people to walk out onto the bridge--which is the longest single steel arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere--has grown into an event for thrill-seekers to launch themselves 876 feet off the bridge to the whitewater rapids below.

For context, the Washington Monument could be placed underneath the New River Gorge Bridge and still have 325 feet left of the empty space between the two.

It's a quick 8.8 seconds from the bridge to the water, but most jumpers will fall from the bridge for 3-4 seconds before deploying their parachute.

The activity marked the 32nd Anniversary of the West Virginia Bridge Day Festival and was held in Fayette County.