Tony Awards: 'Clybourne Park' and 'Once' are big winners

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon gallop through the pop-culture pasture finds Broadway, summertime grooving,’ other things, and the mystery music video.

TONY AWARDS: Two big winners, per the Los Angeles Times, “Bruce Norris' "Clybourne Park," a sharp-toothed satirical drama about the vagaries of race and real estate, won for best play, and "Once," a starry-eyed romance centered on an Irish street musician and a Czech immigrant flower seller, topped the best musical category at Sunday's 66th Tony Awards.”{ }

MORE TONYS: Complete list of winners, and a replay, per PerezHilton, “Not to be outdone by all the great moments throughout the evening at the 2012 Tony Awards, host Neil Patrick Harris left audiences with one last musical treat, recapping some of the HIGHlights of the evening with song as the credits rolled!”

BONNAROO: Apropos of all things summer, per the New York Times, “How long has it been since the Beach Boys played to an arena-sized audience full of young, squealing girls eager to dance and sing along? Decades? Whatever that answer is, the band that summed up the myth of the California summer had something going for it; as it played “Barbara Ann,” the sun moved out from behind the clouds for the first time all day Sunday.”

ANGRY MEN: The madness ends, per the AP, “The fifth season of "Mad Men" ended majestically Sunday night with Don Draper, planted at an elegant bar, approached by a beautiful woman who inquired, "Are you alone?" On the soundtrack, Nancy Sinatra trilled the theme from the 1967 James Bond film, "You Only Live Twice." And Draper, more handsome in that moment than any James Bond could be, struck a heroic pose before the show cut to black until next season.”

GOOD INTENTIONS: But a bust nonethess, per The Wrap, “ "Battleship," the high-concept but underperforming action film released by Universal earlier this year, made a surprise appearance in discussions about risky movies and passion projects at the Produced By Conference on Sunday morning.”

ADMISSION: Just the facts, per CNN, “Tommy Chong, one-half of the marijuana-loving "Cheech and Chong" comedy duo, is battling prostate cancer, he announced Saturday on CNN. Having first noticed symptoms about eight years ago while incarcerated for selling drug paraphernalia, Chong said he was diagnosed "about a month ago." He revealed his condition in an interview about his support for decriminalizing marijuana use and sales.”

TRUE BLOOD: It begins anew, per Rolling Stone, “Welcome back to Bon Temps, where we pick up where we left off at the end of last season. There's no time jumps, no departures to the fairy homeland and, for the time being, no new supernaturals to take stock of. Instead, we're given a roller coaster ride of a Season Five premiere, aptly titled "Turn! Turn! Turn!," that sees a pretty significant power shift put in motion.”

MEET THE BEATLES: That was then, per USA Today, “Fifty years later, the melodic, instantly memorable tunes of The Beatles are ingrained in the DNA of modern civilization. On this golden anniversary, their golden oldies sound as vital and fresh as ever and continue to bewitch new generations.”

A VICTOR: They live to “move it, move it,” per Vulture, “DreamWorks Animation’s third Madagascar ($60 million) surprised many by edging out Fox’s Prometheus ($50 million) for the top spot by a full ten million. Snow White and the Huntsman (No. 3 with $23 million) plunged by just short of 60 percent in its second weekend.”

SNOOKI: Accidental stardom followed by impending motherhood, per Radar, “No booze, no tanners, no hair coloring, no caffeine: this is not the Snooki you've come to know and love. Nonetheless, the Jersey Shore star showed she's matured plenty in her sit-down with Good Morning America Monday, to spill the details of her current pregnancy.”

SKIPPER!: Not sure what to make of this, per Deadline Hollywood, “Producer Dianne Fraser has acquired the stage rights to Gilligan’s Island: The Musical, and she plans to launch the show on Broadway, banking on the idea that the audience for the iconic TV show will want to see the characters brought to the stage.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)