Tom Hanks slips, drops F-bomb on 'Good Morning America'


Today’s censorship of the pop-culture world finds uncharted territory for Tom Hanks and “GMA,” weekend box-office news, Jon Stewart greeting President Obama, Lindsay Lohan, other things, and the mystery music video.

OOPS: But no offense intended, per People, “Tom Hanks took a G-rated morning show into R-rated territory, using the F-word on-air Friday. Appearing on ABC's Good Morning America, the Oscar winner, 56, was asked by Elizabeth Vargas to speak in the accent of one of the characters from his new movie Cloud Atlas. "Most of it is swear words," he warned. Then, in a thick accent, he said, "I want people to f–––ing …" – before stopping himself, slapping his hand to his mouth, and quickly apologizing. . . Vargas, who looked stunned, also apologized on behalf of the network.”

SPOOKY SUCCESS: Things that go bump in the night, per Deadline Hollywood, “Sources say Thursday late shows and Friday midnights were really big for Paramount’s hit Halloween franchise. Looks like Paranormal Activity 4 will score around $4.5 million right out of the gate. That’s in line with Hollywood’s estimates for a $35M-$40M opening weekend.”

MOVIE REVIEW: It’s not unlike many others, per the New York Times’ Stephen Holden, “At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I would like to nominate John Hawkes and Helen Hunt in “The Sessions” as the movie couple of the year. Their extraordinary connection while re-enacting the true story of a disabled, virginal 38-year-old writer and his sexual surrogate infuses the movie, written and directed by Ben Lewin, with a piercing depth of humanity and no small amount of humor.”

YEP, HE WAS SAVING IT: Obama and the “Daily Show”, per the Los Angeles Times, “On Thursday night President Obama made his second visit to “The Daily Show” since taking office. It was a busy night for the commander-in-chief: He was in New York City to attend the Al Smith Dinner, the traditional election-year fundraiser where the presidential candidates don their fanciest white-tie attire and politely roast each other. Maybe Obama was saving his best one-liners for that event, because his appearance on “The Daily Show” was noticeably absent of the personal-interest chit-chat that often characterizes political talk-show appearances.”

CALCULATED COMMENTS?: Of Oscars, per The Hollywood Reporter, “The anti-campaign just might be the latest fashion in Oscar campaigning. And Joaquin Phoenix, considered a leading contender for best actor for his portrayal of a haunted man in The Master, is wearing it proudly as he kicked off the first kerfuffle in this year’s developing awards season Thursday by calling Oscar campaigning “total, utter bull----.”

POLITICAL ADS: Just the facts, per The Wrap, “Television stations are getting rich by airing political ads from Super PACs and other outside groups that station officials know are misleading, a Washington public interest watchdog group charged Thursday. In an e-mail blast, the watchdog group Free Press asked the public to protest the broadcast industry's refusal to check facts in ads sponsored by independent political groups during the current election cycle.”

CHILLIN’: Before a wedding, per Us Weekly, “Justin Timberlake seems pretty relaxed for a guy who's about to get married. The Friends With Benefits actor, 31, sipped cocktails at a pre-wedding celebration in southern Italy October 18. Joined by his fiancee, Jessica Biel, 30, a scruffy Timberlake mingled with pals Andy Samberg, 34, and music manager Johnny Wright, 52, outdoors.”

SPIKE LEE: And Michael Jackson, per Rolling Stone, “Spike Lee will debut his Michael Jackson documentary Michael Jackson: Bad25 on November 22nd on ABC, and in this new trailer, the director gives a peek into the making of the classic 1987 album, its music videos and the Bad tour.”

LINDSAY LOHAN: Whatever, per E!, “Bret Easton Ellis is stirring up trouble once again. This time, the author is accusing Lindsay Lohan of skipping out on work for the movie The Canyons, whose screenplay he wrote.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

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