Tom Cruise: National Enquirer cover story 'disgraceful'

Daybreak Daily’s U-turn into the pop-culture world finds a tabloid under fire, comic books, other things, and the mystery music video.

UNHAPPY CAMPERS: Tabloid cover story not to their liking, per The Hollywood Reporter, “Tom Cruise's lawyer is threatening to sue the National Enquirer over a cover story that claims the actor is a "monster" who "abused" wife Katie Holmes and subjected daughter Suri to a five-month stay in a "tiny, windowless room." In a blistering letter sent July 11 by longtime Cruise attorney Bert Fields to Enquirer publisher American Media, a copy of which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Fields claims the tabloid's most recent cover story is "disgraceful and lurid" and will cause the actor "hundreds of millions of dollars of professional and personal damages, for which we intend to hold American Media, and everyone who participated in the perpetuation of this scurrilous attack, jointly and severally liable."

MEANWHILE: Katie happily chills, per People, “the wake of her warp-speed divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is settling into her life as a newly single mom in Manhattan. Single, but hardly alone. So far she has had two constant companions by her side: her 6-year-old daughter Suri, of whom she won primary custody, and her mom, Kathleen, who is visiting from Holmes's hometown of Toledo, Ohio.”

AND THIS: per Us Weekly, “Katie Holmes has friends in high places -- and that includes Nicole Kidman. As Holmes, 33, struggled and secretly plotted to end her marriage to Tom Cruise, she found a pillar of support in her husband's second ex-wife, who divorced the actor in 2001.”

SERIOUS STUFF: TV a mixed bag in Haiti, per the New York Times, “In a country divided by class and dispirited by poverty, corruption and disaster, there is not a lot that Haitians and the foreign aid workers trying to help them can see eye to eye on. Except one thing: Television should be used to educate the masses and promote social conciliation. That’s where consensus ends.”

WHERE’S THE FUN?: Lord of the Dry, per the Los Angeles Times, “Peter Jackson rarely hears grumbles from Middle-earth fans — just the opposite. “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy not enjoyed success in epic proportions, but it was also the rare triple-threat as far as box-office numbers, industry awards and critical acclaim. But in April, at a preview in Las Vegas, reactions were divided about Jackson’s new Tolkien footage; it was screened at 48 frames per second (the norm is 24 frames) and in the view of some the added clarity actually sapped the majesty out of Middle-earth and made it look more like an episode of “Masterpiece Theatre.”

HERE’S THE FUN: Goofy times in San Diego, per the AP, “The 43rd annual Comic-Con International pop-culture convention officially begins today, but those with four-day passes got a peek at the convention-center floor Wednesday night. Fans swarmed the massive space, filling their oversized convention tote bags with free souvenirs and limited-edition toys available only at Comic-Con. Meanwhile, others camped out on the grass near the convention center to be first in line for popular presentations, like ones dedicated to the final "Twilight" installment and the popular book "Fifty Shades of Grey," planned for Thursday.”

THE SCREAM: Buyer revealed, per the Wall Street Journal, “New York financier Leon Black paid Sotheby's nearly $120 million for "The Scream," Edvard Munch's 1895 pastel of a terrified man holding his head, according to several people close to the collector.”

NOT SURPRISING: Just the facts, per the Washington Post, “The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are the most memorable moment shared by TV viewers of the past 50 years, according to a new study. Hurricane Katrina is ranked No. 2, according to a study conducted by Nielsen Research, in collaboration with Sony Electronics which, the study announcement noted, is “a company that knows a thing or two about television.”

SPORTING DUDS: Remember Franny & Zooey? Anyway, per the Daily Mail, “She is usually seen sporting an array of quirky ensembles but Zooey Deschanel proved Wednesday night she can do glamorous just as well. (The) New Girl star still showed off her individual style as she stepped out on the red carpet at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles in a shimmering sequined dress.”

SAD STATE: Of a snowball, per Radar, “Demi Moore is distraught over losing contact with her three daughters, is exclusively reporting. As we previously reported, the relationship between the girls and Demi has reached "breaking point" after a series of fights and they have cut off all contact with her.”

IDOL CHATTER: This may wind up being moot, per TMZ, “Jennifer Lopez is telling friends ... she HAS NOT made up her mind on her future with "American Idol" ... and WILL NOT make a decision until after she finishes her current concert tour with Enrique Iglesias.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)

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