Thrift store holiday shopping with Jolene Sugarbaker

Photo by Tim Coburn Photography

ABC7 knows exactly how you feel right now. When it comes to shopping, you're running out time, money and inspiration!{ }

So we reached out to Jolene Sugarbaker – crafter, cooker and thrift store diva! Her YouTube tips and tricks draw thousands of viewers, and now this self-proclaimed “Trailer Park Queen” is giving us some thrifty ideas for last minute gift shopping. There aren’t many days left until Christmas. As a festive, frugal shopper, what’s your strategy?

Jolene: Shopping at THRIFT STORES is one way to find great gifts on a budget, but it may take a little elbow grease to make the present shine. With your remaining days, get up early and hit the THRIFT STORES as soon as they open. Plan a route of your favorite stores and try to get to each store quickly and do not slow down while looking inside. The item you want could be at the next store and the sooner you get there, the sooner you can grab it before another person does!

Jolene’s Tips for Shopping Thrift Stores

• Get up early! Wait by the door until they open.

• Pass by sections and items of low priority such as clothing and books and head directly to electronics and kitchen appliances/equipment. You can visit the other sections later.

• Do not step, poke or push anyone. However, do feel free to reach over and around to grab your bargain.

• Make your decision on purchasing the item while carrying it around the store looking at other items. If you place it down someone could grab it away from you!

• Make sure you have room in your car. Never disappoint yourself by not being able to take an item home due to space. Some local home improvement stores offer hourly rentals of trucks. Most thrift stores will hold an item for you while you arrange transportation.

• Always haggle! All they can do is say no!

Jolene’s Bottom Line

Sometimes you have to think “outside of the box” and even pick up gifts on the way to the event. Gas stations, drug stores and even some coffee stores will be open on Christmas Day.

When all else fails, make something from the heart, people always love homemade gifts!

Are you really cutting it close? How about pulling together a Gas Station Gift Basket? That’s right! Coming up tomorrow, Jolene has some reality-themed baskets you can throw together on the way to grandma’s house!

A little about Ms. Sugarbaker
If you're curious about things like dryer-sheet wreaths, hot dog soup and gelatin air-fresheners, you've got to check out Jolene's 25 Days of Christmas. They're on her website, and on her YouTube channel. { }And FYI, Jolene’s Trailer Park Test Kitchen and Craft Room are located in Alexandria, VA.

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