Thousands gather for Memorial Day events

Thousands are here visiting the nation's capital this Memorial Day weekend.

And rehearsals are underway for tomorrow's concert. Yolanda Adams and Kris Allen were on the stage earlier today.

The musicians and staff are all working to make this a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

But it's also a weekend of painful memories for some our nation's veterans.

Decades have passed, but emotions are still raw for Don Lawson. He'll never forget the many troops he served with in Vietnam who never made it home.

"My objective is to visit the wall and pay my respects to the fellow soldiers; that's what it's about for us," Lawson says.

Year after year he joins the Rolling Thunder riding to Washington on his motorcycle from Houston, Texas.

"We made the 1,700-mile trek up here and picked up some bikers along the way," says John Hosford, also from Houston.

The rumbling of tens of thousands of polished bikes create impressive sights and sounds.

"We decided to come down and check out the sites, and the girls hadn't been here before, so it was a good opportunity to show them the nation's capital," says Sharon Cunningham of New York.

And that's an experience visitors in tour buses are also looking to capture.

Robert Hart, a pedicab driver, has been pedaling like crazy.

"People are in a good mood, the weather is nice and its wonderful out here today," Hart says.

But in the midst of the celebrations, there are sincere messages to those who continue to sacrifice for our nation.